During the test activities, high-speed targets at both short-range-low-altitude and long-range-high-altitude were successfully neutralized.

Haluk Görgün, the President of Defense Industry (SSB), shared a video on Twitter using the expressions “HISAR O+, RF Seeker Tipped Missile, short-range-low-altitude, long-range-high-altitude.” In the written statement by SSB, it was stated that the critical field tests to provide the capability of using RF Seeker Tipped Missiles for the HISAR O+ Air Defense Missile System, developed by Aselsan Inc. and Roketsan Inc. with the aim of meeting Turkey’s layered air defense needs with domestic capabilities, have been successfully completed.

Haluk Görgün, the President of SSB, emphasized that in these tests, the national air defense missile system HISAR O+ successfully neutralized high-speed targets at both short and long ranges.

Görgün stated that they have taken significant steps to enhance Turkey’s national air defense capability. He mentioned that the HISAR O+ system, with its new RF Seeker Tipped Missile, can effectively intervene against targets at both short and long ranges. Thus, he expressed that the tactical capabilities of the Turkish security forces have increased and highly effective products in air defense have been deployed.

Referring to the contributions of important defense industry companies such as ROKETSAN and ASELSAN involved in the project, Görgün emphasized the importance of collaboration in the development of national defense capabilities. He highlighted that the HISAR O+ system, which has gained a layered air and missile defense capability within its structure, has made Turkey’s borders more secure and elevated the firepower of the security forces.

At the end of his statement, the President of SSB thanked all the companies involved in the project and the contributing subcontractors, underscoring the belief in the future successes of the national defense industry.


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