In a significant milestone, Phase-1 Factory Acceptance Tests for the Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle SANCAR have concluded successfully. The collaboration between HAVELSAN and Yonca-Onuk has borne fruit, marking a major advancement in autonomous naval capabilities.

SANCAR SIDA, equipped with the ADVENT Route and ADVENT Warfare Management System, has demonstrated its prowess in joint missions with diverse platforms integrated with the said system. The ADVENT KALYON Mission System, situated at the control station alongside the ADVENT C4ISR mission system, has also excelled in recent tests.

The Turkish Naval Forces, at present, witness the ongoing delivery, planning, or testing activities for the ADVENT SYS across 33 distinct air, surface, and underwater platforms. The ADVENT Warfare Management System, a brainchild of the Turkish Naval Forces Research Center Command, stands out as a Network-Centric Integrated Warfare Management System.

The collaboration between HAVELSAN and Yonca-Onuk has given birth to the Armed Unmanned Sea Vehicle SANCAR, a versatile platform designed to minimize risks in hazardous missions through its unmanned usage concept. The ADVENT C4ISR System, integrated into the SANCAR SIDA as its mission system, is a pioneering step in the Turkish Navy, extending to various units and complying with NATO Interoperability Standards.

What sets SANCAR apart is its capability to perform mission transfers between different ships, engage in network-centric operations with both manned and unmanned platforms, and seamlessly adapt to swarm operations. With a technology infrastructure surpassing global competitors, SANCAR becomes one of the most versatile platforms developed.

Measuring 12.73 meters in length, 3.3 meters in width, and with a displacement of 9 tons, SANCAR can achieve speeds exceeding 40 knots, boasting a cruising range of over 740 kilometers. Its autonomous features, leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, learning algorithms, big data, data fusion, and autonomous systems, position SANCAR as a force to be reckoned with.

Designed for a range of tasks including port/base protection, search and rescue, intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol, surface warfare, and mine countermeasure missions, SANCAR SIDA aims to not only enhance operational efficiency but also minimize the risk to human life in perilous missions.

Anticipation is high for the inclusion of SANCAR SIDA in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in the near future, marking a significant stride in the nation’s autonomous naval capabilities.


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