The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) recently released training footage of their flagship warship, TCG Anadolu, engaging in naval exercises in Aksaz. In a video shared by the Ministry of National Defense (MSB), the Armored Amphibious Marine Assault Vehicles (MAVs) can be seen conducting a successful landing operation.

The training footage provides a glimpse into various aspects of TCG Anadolu’s training process in Aksaz. Notably, the video captures the impressive moment when a Chinook helicopter lands on TCG Anadolu, showcasing the ship’s capabilities.

The video showcases personnel being transported from TCG Anadolu via helicopters, the landing operations performed by the Armored Amphibious Assault Marine Vehicles (ZAHA), as well as firefighting and first aid activities.

Developed under the Presidency of Defence Industries project to fulfill the amphibious armored vehicle requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, the Armoured Amphibious Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) made its debut at IDEF2021.

FNSS, the manufacturer, is set to deliver a total of 27 vehicles, including 23 personnel carriers, 2 command and control vehicles, and 2 rescue vehicles. The Armored Marine Assault Vehicles, produced by FNSS and delivered to the Turkish Navy on May 26, recently participated in naval exercises organized by the Naval Forces Command for the first time.

The inclusion of these state-of-the-art Marine Assault Vehicles in the training exercises aboard TCG Anadolu demonstrates the Turkish Navy’s commitment to enhancing its amphibious capabilities. This significant development further strengthens the TSK’s operational readiness and showcases Turkey’s technological advancements in the defense industry.

As the TSK continues to prioritize modernization and operational effectiveness, the successful integration of the Armored Amphibious Marine Assault Vehicles into naval exercises marks a noteworthy milestone in Turkey’s naval warfare capabilities.


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