In a major achievement for the HÜRJET Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft, the second test pilot recently participated in its tenth successful test flight. Since its inaugural flight on April 25, 2023, HÜRJET has been making steady progress, with each flight bringing the aircraft closer to its intended capabilities.

During the last two flights, HÜRJET demonstrated successful retraction of the landing gear, showcasing its advanced engineering and functionality. With a total of 6 hours and 16 minutes spent in the air thus far, the aircraft has undergone thorough testing of its flight control system, air data system, and overall aircraft systems.

The latest flight, featuring the second test pilot, marked an important milestone for HÜRJET as it completed its first flight in this specific configuration. Looking ahead, the aircraft will continue to undergo intensive testing phases with two pilots on board.

Temel Kotil, the General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the project, highlighting the regularity of test flights and the valuable data gathered during these missions. He stated, “Today, we have once again reached a significant milestone by including our second test pilot in the HÜRJET flight. As we move towards serial production, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the training of future Turkish fighter pilots through the delivery of advanced training aircraft to the Turkish Armed Forces.”

Designed to play a critical role as an Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) and Acrobatic Team Aircraft, HÜRJET boasts a modern avionic suite-equipped cockpit, tandem seating, and a powerful single-engine configuration. The first delivery of HÜRJET is scheduled for 2025, marking a significant step in fulfilling both international and Turkish Air Force requirements.

The HÜRJET program by Turkish Aerospace Industries aims to replace aging T-38s and F-5s with a high-performance multirole aircraft. By leveraging their expertise in cost-effective design and production of trainer/light aircraft/system, Turkish Aerospace seeks to tap into the potential of the multirole aircraft market.


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