Bayraktar KEMANKEŞ, a mini intelligent cruise missile developed by Baykar Defense, performed its first test launch in Edirne, Keşan.

According to the statement by BAYKAR, KEMANKEŞ successfully completed the motorized test launch of the mini smart cruise missile.

During the test, the KEMANKEŞ mini smart cruise missile was operated on the aircraft’s release/external payload station. Due to certain limits related to the motor’s operating speed, it is started and put into idle mode before being released from the aircraft, ensuring the motor’s operation and preventing the ammunition from going to the wrong target.

The Mini Smart Cruise Missile was developed using the IDEALAB IL170 Turbojet Engine. The IDEALAB IL170 Turbojet Engine is designed as a high-performance and low-cost jet engine.

It can be launched from Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV, Bayraktar TB2 UAV, and Bayraktar TB3 UAV. The Winged Loitering Munition, capable of staying in the air for approximately 1 hour, can effectively engage the most critical targets behind enemy lines quickly, thanks to its jet engine.

Currently, the air-to-air communication distance is approximately 50 kilometers, and in the future, this distance will increase up to 100 kilometers. These figures represent the range required to transmit camera footage to the TB2 and then to the ground control unit. The flight range of the KEMANKEŞ mini smart cruise missile is 250 kilometers.

It can be carried and launched on all UAVs developed as Bayraktar TB2, TB3, and AKINCI UCAV. While the range reaches up to 100 kilometers for the TB2, when added to the range of the TB2, it significantly increases.


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